Dashboard output in Labview 2015

Hi everybody, I’m having issues getting limit switches to show up on my dashboard.

Here is the code for the dashboard:

And here is the code in our labview project:

Can anybody find any issues in this code? Thanks!

Is the Dashboard’s SD Read in a loop? If it’s outside the main While loop, it will only run once as the Dashboard starts.

You actually don’t have to put an SD Read in the Dashboard program. If your indicator has the same name as the SD Variable, and if it’s in the Custom (or Basic) tab, it will reflect the value of the variable automatically.

Yes my dashboard code is in a loop. It is in loop 1 in the dashboard code. Is that correct?

You may want to use the dashboard’s variable tab to see whether the variable is being set on the robot, and you are having issues with the DB, or whether the robot is having issues setting the variable the way you expect.

To summarize what I’d check in your code. Verify that the limit switch code is setting the SD variable when you expect. Make sure it is in teleOp or a loop and is executing repeatedly. Then I’d probably just place the LED in the Custom tab and delete the diagram read code that updates the LED.

Greg McKaskle