Dashboard Output Question

I am trying to write a dashboard program in C++(So I can display it on a Palm pilot). What does the dashboard output send out? 1’s and 0’s or something else.

The specs for the dashboard port are availible from the innovation first website: http://www.expocard.com/shows/nch021/

It is a serial data stream, The spec shows you which byte is which.

C++ is not the best language for Palms. C++ uses header files and classes which take up lots, let me repeat myself, lots of space, when compared to a normal C program. As long as you have plenty of space, go ahead, but remember, you only have a limited amount of space on a palm. Hope this helps.

I know that C++ takes up massive amounts of space, but that is what I have a palm compiler for. I’ll probably take everything else off the palm when I use it. Thanks for the help though.

No problem, just thought I’d let you know, because another club I’m in at my school wanted to try and program some Symbol Palms, with barcode scanners, and we actually had the only Symbol Palm Instructor (who also happens to be a family friend :D) come in and we got out of half a day of school, and learned some cool stuff about prgramming a Palm. Although, he showed it to us in Code Warrior, which complies both C and C++ code. He actually showed us the difference in size, it was a pretty big difference, so make sure you get rid of everything else on the Palm. Don’t forget spare batteris either! :smiley:

If you read a bit about using C++ in the embedded systems area, you will see that there are a few relatively simple rules to getting C++ to compile essentially as compact as C.

I am not yet an advocate but I am open minded.

C++ has many advantages I don’t need. It does have a few things that might be worth the bother if I can get them cheap/free. The trick is to get the stuff I want without paying somewhere else because I didn’t know what I was asking for.

The more we understand about our tools the more useful they become.

Joe J.