dashboard problem on classmate

Hey, the dashboard randomly stopped appearing above the driver station in the driver account, I ran the update for the dashboard to see if it would fix the problem. After the update it still didn’t work, it runs and everything on the developer account and I added the .exe in the startup folder for each user and the folder for all users. It autoruns correctly on the developer side, but still doesn’t work for the driver side. Any help would be greatly appreciated

-Jake Aberman
FRC: 3215
Head Programmer

There is a selection for Local Dashboard and Remote Dashboard. If it’s not in Local Dashboard, it should be.

The Dashboard executable is run by the Driver Station when it is run, not through Startup. It looks in… on the non-classmate DS it looks for C:/Program Files/FRC Dashboard/Dashboard.exe, I would assume the same place on the Classmate.

thanks, i got it working after i exited it and re logged in. I would mail you a cake, but its a lie…

“You will be baked, and then there will be cake”

I actually had a cake once that looked really close to the Portal cake. It tasted good. Maybe someday I will find that picture of it…