Dashboard Problems.

Ok so something went wrong with our dashboard. when we load up the driver station. the driver station loads correctly but the dashboard its self can’t find files. an example of that is “LVODE.dll” and when i manually find all the files it is loading a different dashboard than the one in /program files/FRC Dashboard. (dont remember the exact address)

my question is where do we have to put the dashboard.exe? (custom one made in lab view based on the project.)

Sorry if this was already covered, i couldn’t find it. (im not that good at searching either)

Check on the Driver Station Setup tab to see if Default Dashboard is selected

If LabVIEW is selected then the Driver station will look for a project in the standard location with the same name as the original LabVIEW Dashboard project. The same with any of the other dashboard types - Java or C++

If you choose Default on the Setup tab, then you can replace the default dashboard with your own at:
C:\Program Files (x86)\FRC Dashboard\Dashboard.exe

Thank you, That should solve our issues.

We selected LABVIEW as the dashboard type, (because we are using labview.) but we have 2 different dashboard projects, and it was loading the old one.

Thank you again.

The Driver Station looks for the LabVIEW Dashboard.exe that you created at

My Documents\LabVIEW Data\builds\FRC Dashboard Project\FRC PC Dashboard

When you select the “LabVIEW” Dashboard from the Driver Station Setup tab.

The default “Destination directory” should point to this directory in the Dashboard “Build Properties”