Dashboard Problems

Hi everyone!

my team and i got problems with programming the dashboard we want to put the sensors in the dashboard, but when run the dashboard as we want to, the program crushes and we need to reboot the computer.

we want a distance sensor.

What can we do? HELP!

Did you create an .exe file for your dashboard or are your running it in the labview project? You used the smartdashboard vis to write your values from your robot and read it on your dashboard? Some more information about the sensor you’re using for distance would help and some screenshots of what is happening would help.

We ran it in labview.
the real question is what do we should put on the program to establish comunications with the sensor?
which is a maxbotix lv max sonar ez

In the wpi libraries there should be a section called dashboard and in there you will find write vis and read vis. The write vis will create a variable to the dashboard. In the dashboard block diagram, use the read vi to access the variable. There is a vi called the network/dashboard server. When the write vi is used it creates a reference in the server and when you use the read vi, it accesses it. Here’s a screenshot of how to write and read your value. The write vi and get vi for your ultrasonic should be placed in a loop in periodic tasks. In the dashboard the read vi should also be placed in a loop.