Dashboard Programs?

Has anybody created a program or dll library to read the information from the dashboard port on the 2006 robot controller? i am interested in creating a vb or vb.net program to read the dashboard Port and wanted to know if anyone had already made one. i have also read the papers on the dashboard port that are included with the IFI dashboard program but couldn’t make anything work.


You’ll find both .NET 1.1 and .NET 2.0 viewers there, among others.

Thanks That helped alot.

My team is using a dashboard program/laptop, written in C and running on linux. Just a very simple text display/telemetry readout of “lock-on,” etc.

Do you have source for that? I’m working on one in C++ but it’s giving me some problems. It’d be helpful if I could get a look at yours.

Rob Bayer was a student who was very active in the programming community the first year I was involved with FIRST. He has a linux-based dashboard app and some other utilities on his web site:

http://www.robbayer.com/gDash.shtml. I don’t know anything about this software, but if you use it I’m sure he’d appreciate a quick email.