Dashboard Showcase

This year we finally actually did a custom dashboard. I’m curious as to what other teams did both in terms of appearance such as what they consider important enough to show there drivers and if they used smartdashboard, zomb dashboard, or custom dashboard.

I’ll start:
We used a modified version of smartdashboard. I’m working on improving it and pushing the changes back to the official version, but in the meantime you can check it out at:GitHub - alexhenning/Smart-Dashboard: A derivative of WPI's Smart Dashboard specifically modified for team 348

The left shows the speed of the robot. In the middle is a timer to alert us for deploying the minibot and and camera feed. The right has a boolean picture that shows whether or not are grabber is open or close, a slider that indicates the height of our arm and an indicator for the limit switch at the bottom of the arm.

So, what did your team do?

I wrote the dashboard for my team, and it’s almost the same as the standard one, with added width, height, and a 2nd camera image for the other camera. I also made it so that you can move the dashboard around the screen. I lack creativity, but I have some free time between now and peachtree I’ll take the default buttons and turn them into CircuitRunners, and make a CircuitRunner logo as the icon.

did you use this in competition?

We use LabVIEW. Our dashboard is mostly for the convenience of the programming team. We don’t really expect the drivers to be watching the screen. So it’s basically displaying sensor values and vision processing results.

Oh, and it shows the name of the selected autonomous routine.

First competition is New Orleans this weekend, so not yet.

We are using the SmartDashboard with Java this season. It has been tremendously useful for debugging and programming, but is unused during normal driving (I don’t want our drivers looking anywhere but the field).

Yes, the graphs in particular were very helpful. I added some custom widgets, such as time and made everything as big as possible. The goal is to be a quick overview of what’s going on for our coach to take a glimpse at. It’s our first year with a dashboard, so who knows how much we will actually use it.

Here is 451’s dashboards. The first one is from early on in Purdue, when both cameras were on, and the front was tracking the white space (pink and green box) with our debug dashboard: http://thecatattack.org/img/451-3.png

The next two are at Knoxville using our competition dashboard, One is just after the minibot came back down. The start, stop, and refresh buttons control the cameras and their video recording abilities. The background flashes orange when the timer is between 10 and 0, and red between 0 and -10. The timer is a countdown to deploy.

Attached is the competition dashboard (Requires ZomB r403+)

451Competition.zip (1.38 KB)

451Competition.zip (1.38 KB)

I wrote a custom dashboard for my team. It is a Windows application written in C++ using the Direct2D API to provide full-screen hardware accelerated rendering of the camera images. It was capable of switching to different cameras in the middle of the match- this is how we supported three cameras on our robot. We could use the highest resolution the cameras provided and get 30 FPS.

We always used the dashboard in the last 15 seconds of the match to line up our mini-bot deployment system. It had a vertical line nearly halfway across horizontally (which you can’t see in the picture below).

Additionally, it also displayed some diagnostics information for our autonomous routine using a camera.