Could I get any help with these. I have made several attempts but it does not seem to work no matter what I try, Any working examples in particular would be very helpful.

What do you mean Gus? Add some description of what’s going on?

I setup my code up to send the current value of the Jaguars to the Dashboard, however it never seemed to update anything. However I never got a chance retest it after fixing the cable, somehow I don’t think that was the problem.

I’ve been working the SmartDashboard myself and have been getting pretty good results, so I will try to help if I can.
What exactly are you trying to do and what are the results you are getting?

Try following the steps of the guideo n my team’s site. THis is what worked for us. It’s not much yet (We’re still working on the guide), but its enough to get the dashboard configured properly on your computer. This is the area we found the documentation lacking.


You also might want to take a look a this,http://firstforge.wpi.edu/sf/go/doc1297;jsessionid=54BA7DA57ABC06B2BBC6CDC0EF512C7A?nav=1. It’s very handy for the new command-based coding, and at the end(p. 70ish) theres a section about the smartDashboard, that’s where I got most of my information. A lot of it is blank, I’m not sure why, maybe they’re just implying that you can do the stuff in the headings, or maybe there will be another release.

Also, check out the video on the SmartDashboard here: