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What are the rules on the dashboard program? I mean, we are allowed to use a dashboard durring the competition, right? What are the rules and regs in regards to what we can put on the dashboard? The way I understand it is we can display whatever we want as long as we dont have the computer directly controling the robot. Im asking because our team has never used a dashboard, since we have never realy needed to, and this year with the beacon/ tracker stuff a dashboard that would display a relative position on the field would be helpfull. We are having alot of success with the tracker and we can almost grid the position of the robot on the field. Also, what are the rules for sending specific data to the dashboard. Can we use unused PWM/analog inputs to send data to the controler/dashboard that would indicate, for example, the x/y position on our grid or somthing like error codes.
Kevin Karan
Team 174
Arctic Warriors

eh, Does no-one know, or does cant anybody understand my question?

Your dashboard program can display anything you want it to based off of the data coming out of the dashboard port. Last year our team had a Palm-based dashboard that plotted the location of our robot on the field in real-time during autonomous, for instance.

You are correct also that the laptop can only be used to receive information from the OI. It cannot be used to control the robot.

Alright, thanks

CAN the dashboard port be used to control the bot? or do you have to use something else?

It cannot be used to control the robot.

This was JUST aswered.

it CAN NOT control the robot, but can do what ever you please with the info you stream to it.

I ment, is there implications for it? (Nothing about rules)

no, if you wanted to, you could mod a serial or paralell port to send data to one of the joystick ports