Dashboard - User Bytes

Hi, I noticed that the User Bytes were sent in multiple dashboard frames. Is there any way to utilize this in order to send more information through the dashboard port?

Like, have

User_Byte2 = 5 in the Extended Frame (Frame 2)

User_Byte2 = 7 in the Status Frame (Frame 3)



One way of sending extra information to the dashboard port is to load up all the unused PWM ports with values. If nothing is connected to the RC ports it doesn’t seem to matter, but the values get sent.

If the PWM output port isn’t connected, it won’t have any effect on the robot. However, you probably should give a little thought as to how you do this. If you’re sending purely arbitrary values in unused PWM bytes and the user bytes, you could end up with additional 0xFF, 0xFF byte pairs that could make your start of frame detection algorithm more complex or unreliable.

That’s a good point. In our case, we were sending things like the camera confidence, and measured speeds from our ball pitcher. They were displayed graphically over a car dashboard, where the PC program turned the rendered dials on the screen. We were careful not to send values that would mess up the framing and in that case it didn’t matter if a 254 was send instead of a 255.