why couldn’t I use 2021 dashboard to select autonomous thing?

So you are using the 2021 LV Dashboard to try and select your autonomous code? Is this a custom dashboard or the default one? Are you following the steps shown here? Can you try a simple auto that just prints or something to diagnose if the issue is getting the signal from your dashboard to your code or if it is with your auto code?

Yes it is possible to select the autonomous in the smart dashboard and recommended if you choose to do both the galactic search challenge and autonav challenge.

However you can not use it to select the red or blue path in the gsc as it would fall foul of gsc2-1.

Agreed that using the selection to signal is not legal but even choosing between a Galactic Search Auto (that figures out what path and color it should run), a Bounce Path Auto, a Barrel Racing Auto, and a Slalom Auto is very useful.

Thanks,we finally solved this problem. It turned out to be we should update our

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