Data from Driver Station to Dashboard

I have created a custom dashboard and I would like to send data to the dashboard from the driver station. I know that under the I/O tab in the driver station I can see inputs from switches and dials. I want to be able to call those in the Dashboard VI. I want to be able to use a switch on the operator interface to switch the camera tabs. I also want to use a dial so that the lines I have drawn on the video feed change based on the dial position.

Sorry, you have no control over the Driver Station application. It sends data only to the robot. If you want to see the Driver Station values in the Dashboard, you’ll have to read them in the robot code and send them on to the Dashboard from there.

To select which tab is visible, find the tab control in the Dashboard block diagram. Right-click it and choose Create > Property Node > Value from the popup menu. Right-click the newly created property node and choose Change to Write. Then you can wire whatever value you wish to the property node’s input, and the tab will reflect that value.