Data logging

We have implemented data logging on our bot. It will collect data through the match from the PDP and our talons and make a huge table with time, current and voltage into the PDP, current at each breaker of the PDP, and voltage at each talon. I want to get a student (or team) analyzing these data sets. We would be looking to understand battery health, resistance issues of connections or breakers, and anything else interesting.

Who else has done this? How did you analyze data and what did you find?


We use this when we need it. It works great.

As Marshall pointed out, this data is logged at the DS side. More broadly than PDP, many teams are logging other kinds of data too, using tools such as WPILib (On-Robot Telemetry Recording Into Data Logs — FIRST Robotics Competition documentation) and analyzing the files with AdvantageScope, or using the full blown AdvantageKit (requires robot code surgery).

If you don’t want to do robot code surgery but do want to throw some stuff on the telemetry bus fairly easily, consider Oblog, which does logging via field and method annotations.