data packets

I have some questions regarding CMUCam2’s data packets, Type F data packet format,

Type F data packet format:

1 2 r g b r g b ... r g b r g b 2 r g b r g b ... r g b r g b 3

1 - new frame 2 - new row 3 - end of frame
RGB (CrYCb) ranges from 16 - 240
RGB (CrYCb) represents two pixels color values. Each pixel shares the red and

well, first of, “RGB (CrYCb) ranges from 16 - 240” -> is it 1 number for the whole RGB or that R has a number that ranges from 16-240 and G has another one, and R has another one?

Secondly, can anyone please explain to me what is CrYCb and how it differs from YCrCb and is there any other type?

Last thing, “RGB (CrYCb) represents two pixels color values. ***Each pixel shares the red and blue.***” -> what does it mean: “shares”?

I appreciate your time reading and helping me.

Thanks in advance.

Each color has a number from 16-240.

The diference is nothing but the order of the bytes that you receive. They are orcered that way so that the Chrominance (Cr being Red and Cb being Blue) and in the Red and Blue fields of the RGB. The leftover (Green) is used for the Luminance (Brightness).

Meaning the G is the only independent color. So the first pixel is RGB, the next is BGR, the next is RGB, etc.


Good luck!

hi…which means the format of the data packet…shld be RGB BGR RGB BGR…
is that what u mean…how come the code section u posted is different??