Data stream

Does anyone know how they are going to steam the data for amount of teeths from gear-tooth sensor or pan angle to the comp w/o attaching the programming cord to the bot itself? If so plz direct me.


I have no idea what you are asking…


OK I know rushing was bad but this is the best I can try to explain it. Is there a way to view the data from the robot(pan angle , gear tooth sensor reading) w/o hooking the programming cord to the comp. I know we can’t have a cord connect to the robot during the match

the dashboard port on your operator interface allows you to get feedback from your robot during a match

the white pages have some very good programs for sorting out that data from your serial port and putting it in a format you can use as useful feedback

these might help:

and if you do some digging in the white pages there is a lot more to stir up the idea train

work that VB! :smiley:


First of all, thanks for the translation…

The method Rufus has illuminated is, unfortunately, the only numerical method of getting info to the drivers that I know of. However…

If you were to mount a servo on the robot with an indicator pointer large enough to be seen by the drivers…

Actually, my team has used this method for digital information (ie: the claw is locked onto the bar, et cetera) when the drivers were unable to take their eyes off of the “action”.

If however you do not need the data in real time, search for the term “EEPROM” in these fori archives…

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