Database and Programming Help

I am looking for anyone willing to help with a VB program that will interface into an Access database. This is our scouting system. I have yet to figure it out. If you know how to do this in VB 2008 and would like to help, just drop your email below and i will send you the files.

P.S. There are some errors in one of the programs from when i tried to connect it to the database myself.:confused:

Here instead im going to post the folder with the files for whoever wants to attempt it. Send me an email @ patrick[at]yubgo[dot]com if you want me to check it out and think you found a solution (1.21 MB) (1.21 MB)

I am still looking for volunteers to help with this. I have tried to work on this but am not experienced with database entry or data connections in VB. I will offer the entire program for download when it is finished and will credit anyone who helps out

From my past experiences, access databases suck. Last year my team used one and it was constantly failing and breaking on us and we only had one person who knew how it worked and could fix it. My personal reccomendation for you would be to use the fail-safe pencil-and-paper system. Even though this is my first year as scouting coordinator for my team, i did get to run scouting for my team at an off-season competition where i used pencil-and-paper which was able to help guide my team to the finals, even though we lost there it was the best we had ever done in the history of my team. If you would like to go the pencil-and-paper route i would gladly share the sheets and system (gotten lots of positive review from my team) that i have devloped for my team.

try taking the database out and save everything to text files?

the database is not the issue the programming is a group of 3 of us developed the database and it is solid i just need to know how to take objects in the form in the program and have them entered into the database when i hit submit

I have not worked much with Access, but I am quite sure it has the ability to generate forms. That said, I would not recommend it after all the trouble I have had with it in the past.

I have had great luck with Php/MySQL and PhpMyAdmin all running under XAMPP on my Win machine. A custom PHP frontend for inserting, and data can be sorted with SQL queries in PhpMyAdmin.

I agree with this. You can really use something like CakePHP( to get you started. Its easy to get started, and once you get the hang of it interacting with a database is super easy. Plus once you have the server going anyone can join without installing software, and you can make changes on the fly without interrupting any use.

With that all being said, I donā€™t know how to really help you out. Never messed around with access/vb stuff that much.

And if you want to stick with the offline aproach (or maybe even online) SQLExpress is free (or if your school is registered with microsoft you can get a free SQL server through dreamspark)

SQL is much easier to read, learn, and implement. I would recommend that as it is an industry standard

I have received a PM from a man named Scott that has volunteered to take what we have and change it into ASP.NET and SQL