Datasheet for Yaw Rate Gyro Analog Devices PN AD2230?

Does anyone know where I can get a data sheet for the
Yaw Rate Gyro Analog Devices PN AD2230 that was in the 2008 KOP?


PN is AD22304


The 2008 Sensor Manual also has some information about the gyro:

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The sensor manual contains a link that is no longer available:

What is missing is the pin outs to the gyro PCB. Does anyone have this info?

thanks again

The information is printed right on the board. BRW is black, red, White. Black is ground, red is +5 volts, and white is the signal. There are two connectors, one is the gryo data and the other is temperature.


The missing link :rolleyes: is to the datasheet for the actual chip. It wouldn’t tell you anything about the PCB or how to connect to it. The information you want is the third paragraph of the YRG page of the 2008 sensor manual:

The Yaw Rate gyro receives 5V from the RC and connects to two of the robot controller’s analog inputs. Please note that the output labeled “T” is for “Twist” or rotational velocity. The output labeled “R” is “Relative Temperature”.

It doesn’t explicitly tell you that “G” means Ground and “5” means 5 volts, but I think that’s pretty obvious from the legend on the board itself.

just in case you have an older unit, check the 2006 sensor manual.

The YRG board had a typo in the silkscreen, wrong pin labels.

thanks guys!