Date of posts in DD-MM-YYYY format

For some reason the date of posts are showing up for me in the format dd-mm-yyyy, rather than mm-dd-yyyy.

I haven’t been able to find any options to change this, does anyone know how to change this?

Just think of it as “The 9th of April (4) 2010”

Yes, that is true, but I live in America where the dates are the other way around. I’m just wondering how to go back to that.

At the bottom of every page, there is a drop down box that lets you choose English (12 hour) or English (24 hour). Change it back to English (12 hour) and you’ll have the dates back the way you want them.

Towards the bottom of every thread, there is a box called Similar Threads. I looked at that and found the thread “How to change the date format used ?” which had the answer.

What we really need is YYYY/MM/DD, which is what people use when they don’t want to think about whether days or months are first…

I personally “discovered” DD-MM-YYYY and 24 hour time in junior year of high school, and since then I love it and use it nearly exclusively (except on official forms or paperwork). To avoid confusion, I’ll always write the MM part as the month’s abbreviation or the full name to avoid confusion, so today would be 9 April, 2010 or 9 Apr 2010. Like metric, it makes a lot more logical sense; in college where all-nighters can be common, using a 24-hour clock eliminates a ton of problems. While I like DD-MM-YYYY, as Tristan pointed out YYYY-MM-DD makes a lot more sense to most people.

// Before I switched my computers and digital clocks to 24-hour format, there was more than one occurrence where I woke up from an afternoon nap, saw the clock read 07:xx, and thought it was morning (and started getting ready for class) when it was still the evening.

And YYYY-MM-DD sorts properly. It makes computer nerds happy.


I did not see that other thread when I had previously searched.

It seems to work only on the 12 hour setting for me. Oh well.