Dates of Off-Season Competitions

I was wondering when offseason competitions are taking place this year. We wanted to hold one in Virginia at the end of July (the weekend of the 29th), but did not want to hold a competition at the same time as another team.
Thanks for the help.

There is a fairly complete listing here

Also look here .


Thanks for the links. But we are now looking for events around August 4/5, because we want to host an event in Virginia but not interfere with other competitions. Where as those links only have info on late Spring events. Anyone know of a good list, or go ahead and post the event and date here.

Thinking ahead to next year Team 176 Windsor Locks and Suffield, CT High Schools will be holding their scrimmage the Saturday before robot ship date.

Did you check the countdown?

We’ve also posted the off-season calendar on the new NEMO website in the Calendar. There are a couple others that I know about, but waiting to get the ok to post them.