What is the worst Date you have ever been on?

Haven’t been on a bad one yet!! :slight_smile:

Haven’t been on one yet! :stuck_out_tongue:

Ask me again when you’re 21 and maybe I’ll tell you. Well… I’ll tell you part of it. It was when I was a bartender and this one guy asked me to meet him for dinner (side note, he was 12 years older than me and taught music at a local high school). Okay, the date:

Strike one, he was over 20 minutes late. I was getting ready to leave when he showed up. I actually let him walk past me without saying anything, but curiosity got the better of me, and like I said, he was a music teacher, which I thought was pretty darn nifty. Strike two, he was wearing ratty old shorts and a tee-shirt with a big (fresh looking) food stain on it. Now, I wasn’t expecting a tux and a carnation, but clean, I did expect clean. Strike three, after getting our table, the first thing he said to me was “You’ve got really great lips.” Now, granted, he didn’t know I hated hearing that, that I had heard it so many times before I was sick of it, but still… if he had complimented my eyes or said, you have a nice smile… Strike four (this isn’t baseball, I’m allowed to give out as many strikes as I want!) he ordered fried hard crab for dinner. Messy, icky, yucky! Especially when he cracked open a claw and stuff went flying all over me, and he, with his greasy, food covered fingers, tried to wipe it off. Everyone, take a hint, on a first (and possibly a second or third) date, don’t order messy food to eat!

Strikes five, six and seven occured when he walked me to my car and asked me if I could give him a lift to his car. Sigh. But that is what I will not tell you unless you’re 21. At least my friends and I still laugh about it hysterically!


An interesting question would be, have you ever been someone’s worse date?

my worst date wasn’t that long ago, start of school this year, i had just gotten my drivers license and was allowed to drive my moms friends car to go on a date, yes she has a very trusting friend, when i got to the girls house and talked to her mother she asked the basic questions about my life and so on, once it was time to go i started to walk out the door with the girl and her mom asked if i was driving i told her yes and she said that wasn’t a good idea(i can understand that cause she doesn’t want her daughter to get hurt) so she wants me to call my mom to pick us up and take the girl and myself to dinner and than to the movie, i told her that wouldn’t happen cause my mom was on call and couldn’t take the chance to leave us somewhere, so i asked if she could drive us her mom said no because she doesn’t want to be out late so i ask her if i can show her i am a good driver. she agrees and i have to drive her around part of the town(there goes dinner with the girl) she finally agrees to let me drive her daughter so we leave and have to go straight to the movie(and that even sucked) so once we got out of the movie her mom called MY CELL to talk to her daughter and make sure that i am driving safe and how she doesn’t trust me(my phone is loud so i can here the whole thing) we get back to her house and her mom is acting really strange. we are sitting in the living room watching t.v nothing else i swear and her mom comes running(yes running) down the stairs into the kitchen that looks in to the living room and starts making noise doing the dishes clanking pots and things together as to make sure i know she is there. so i left about 5mins later. the girl called me the next day to say she had a great time but it she isn’t allowed to date cause her mom isn’t ready for her to yet(just so you know the girl is 16) so that was my worst date so far…

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**Haven’t been on one yet! :stuck_out_tongue: **
What he said. first kills my dates, ill have one all set up and stuff then she is all like oh yeah i almost went on a date with a nerd. bah who needs them ne way i have a robot and a cordless drill im happy.P.S. only date fellow firsters

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**Haven’t been on one yet! :stuck_out_tongue: **

well, this is true for me too, although i think it may be changing soon (is that a good thing though…? :p)

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**well, this is true for me too, although i think it may be changing soon (is that a good thing though…? :p) **

No. Nothing that takes time away from robotics can be good.

I’ve been on pseudo-dates. You know…things that seem like they could be a date but you know really aren’t? I’ve had a few of those. sigh They were all nice.

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**P.S. only date fellow firsters **

I’ve only gone on two “dates”. Heck I PREFER FIRST girls! Pamela (she’s on 179) and I have gone on two…once to the movies the other to South Fork’s homecoming dance. FIRSTers seem to be different than all others…they know what’s important in January and February! Its one of those “I understand/know what you’re talking about” instead of “What are you talking (more like mumble/babbling about towards the end) about?” And in the spirit of gracious professionalism, FIRSTers enjoy being with other FIRSTers. Its not like we’re nerds/geeks, we’re FIRSTaholics! Other “commoners” don’t understand.

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**Haven’t been on one yet! :stuck_out_tongue: **

Just wait until SVR…



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**.P.S. only date fellow firsters **

Hmmm wouldn’t this make things slightly more difficult??

not at all so what if you are on opposing team atleast you understand the other person and are dating them for a purpose. where as dating a person who is not in first is just bad because they dont understand you, which leads to fights because you are never around. and also leads to a lessend invoulvement in first.

No… I meant… wouldn’t it be hard to date someone in FIRST if they didn’t live near you?

True it would be harder. But Pamela lives 45 minutes away. She’s on 179 in North Palm Beach County and I’m in Martin County, north of her. We’ve gone out on two dates but its easier than maintaining our friendship through mere communication. Seeing one another makes it even better :wink: .

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**No… I meant… wouldn’t it be hard to date someone in FIRST if they didn’t live near you? **

DJ and Katie leave at least a few hours away if Im not mistaken.


in some places…like CA, FIRST is very big. Nearly all the schools have a team in some areas making it easier to find somebody near you

P.S. only date fellow firsters

FIRSTers are great and all… but don’t limit yourself to only them.
::sigh:: you really never know where that special someone will turn up… and they might be right under your nose the entire time and you don’t realize it…

just be sure to not sneeze…

bad joke… sorry

Partly true. But FIRST girls, the majority seem to be different than other girls. I personally find FIRST girls way more attractive and interesting in terms of character, intelligence, beauty, etc… :wink: than other girls who aren’t in FIRST. They seem so…lame…(ruffles through a thesaurus)…uninteresting and unattractive (altough other guys might disagree). Trust me I would know! :stuck_out_tongue:

Well I have to agree my girl friend broke up with me recently because I was never around. If only her school had a team maybe she’d have understood. But anyway the worst date I’ve ever been on was my first one. The girl’s Mom picked us up. And from there it pretty much went down hill considering her mom kept a very close watch and never left through out the entire date.

Later. . .