Datum sensors now available through the GroupGets store!

J&J Studios is pleased to announce the GroupGets campaign for the datum sensors was successful and they’re all available directly through the GroupGets store! Each sensor comes preprogrammed with a web style URI command syntax and returns data in JSON encapsulated data packets. The USB interface makes it easy to test and configure each sensor before installing on your robot. More information on each sensor, datum-Distance, datum-IMU, and datum-Light is available on the GroupGets store or on our own site, jandjstudios.io.

datum-Distance Top Smalldatum-IMU Top Smalldatum-Light Top Small

Thank you for letting Team 2412 test these! We will definitely consider these sensors due to their easy setup and data collection!

No problem and appreciate the feedback! Let us know if there’s anything we can do to help out too!

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