Dave Lavery @ Kickoff hilarious!

I’m one of the very few people that actually doesn’t think Deans speeches are boring. Seriously, every time he speaks, I’m on his every word.

Maybe it’s just because I really believe in FIRST and everything he is trying to do. :]

Just because you believe in FIRST doesn’t mean you have to hang on Kaman’s every word. We all have strengths and weaknesses, public speaking in his case just isn’t one of his strengths

How can that possibly be? His speeches are terrible. They’re not engaging, interesting, or even much different from each other. They’re the same thing year after year, and his attempts at injecting humor or freshening them up are worse than even Woodie’s or Lavery’s.

I would like to stop this argument right here before it explode.

Please, please, please please please please please please please please understand that people are different in this world, and they are all entitled to their opinions and preferences. It is fine that Mr. Steve and Roland do not like Dean’s speeches. It is also fine that David Kelly does like Dean’s speeches. The truth is you are all correct, because you are vocing what you truely believe in.

I don’t suppose you guys will ever be able to change each other’s view about this, so let’s just agree to disagree and move on. If you can’t understand a different view point, the least you can do is understand that others may not understand your own view point as well.

thanks a million for doing that… i dont like it when people involved in something as great as first have to make a simple disagreement on something blow up into a big deal.

and for the record, i actually do like Dean’s speeches… sure hes not exactly charasmatic, but when he speaks, he actually has a point to make, and if you listen to him and understand what hes trying to get agross to you… it can be somewhat moving.

for example, i heard one of his speeches, i think it was at the last nationals held in epcot, although i’m not sure, where he spoke about bottled water, and the fact that there really wasnt enough clean water in the world to go around (which lead up to him inventing the serling engine)… my memory might be a little skewed (if it is, a million apologies, i just remember the basic point he was getting across) but just that he wanted us to realize not to take something as precious as water and take it for granted… because all over the world, clean water really isnt to get. but anyways, i’m just putting in my two cents…

I’d like to stick up for Dean too. Yes, he can be boring, but he always makes a good point. Are they the greatest thing to listen to? No. Do I find them a pain? Personally, I don’t. I see FIRST as a catalyst for change, and hearing the founder of FIRST say that that IS it’s purpose is always nice to hear.

But that’s just how I feel.

And either way, back on topic, I’ve decided that I look forward to Dave’s speaches. Over my two years in FIRST, all they do is keep getting better :slight_smile:

you’re right; every year, Dean’s speeches get better. :slight_smile: in the process, he’s also teaching people to be patient. :stuck_out_tongue:

As surprising as it was to see him not come out on his segway, I would think it would be like “What the crap is happening?” if he showed up with a suit on. Does anyone have a picture of him in a suit? Does he even own one? What would he wear to a funeral? Or his own funeral? Just a few funny thoughts to ponder.

haha thats actually pretty funny to think of… o.o; i cant really picture him in a suit… that would make everything seem too… official. i think hes trying to stay away from that, and keep first more casual-ish…

Not to threadjack, but ask and ye shall receive:


Ah, the joys of knowing where all the captionable pictures are… :smiley:

There actually is a picture of him in a tux floating around. Not sure where exactly though

Wow, his head looks absolutely massive in that picture.

you are oh so very awesome… that picture brings a smile to my face. XD thanks lol

Because it’s Photoshopped, maybe? :rolleyes:

Whoever photoshopped it went to a lot of trouble to add his trademark briefcase on the wheel.

Not to mention the shadows…

Meh, this isn’t the place to mock the physical intricacies of the man that is Dean Kamen. Take it elsewhere.

I think the kickoff was better last year. This year was a little…boring. (and more problems…5! 4! 3! 2! 1! sshhhhh…[BLANK SCREEN])

I must agree that I always look forward to Dave’s speeches. I haven’t heard very many (I’m new to this), but I greatly enjoyed the “How I spent my winter vacation” speech last year at the Chesapeak regional. mmmmm Mars…