Dave Lavery to lead 2015 Curt's Ride to Cure Cancer!

The 2015 Curt’s Ride to Cure Cancer will kick off from Amelia Island, Florida on Saturday, October 3rd!

This is the 6th annual ride, and I have been thrilled to be part of the previous 3 rides. I’m taking this year off to recover from a training injury, yep, I fell off of my bike! So while I’m not riding this year, I still want to help with fundraising!

Dave Lavery has organized this ride, which raises funds for the American Cancer Society to help with cancer research. Please read the information below and consider making a donation to the Curt’s Ride Team on the ACS website. http://www.curtsride.info/

From Dave’s latest Facebook note:

"The support van will be departing from Washington DC on Thursday afternoon (Oct 1), loaded down with bikes and luggage. The team will meet up in Fernandina Beach, FL, on Friday afternoon to unload, assemble, clean, dust, lube, adjust, prep, and (where necessary) disassemble and then correctly reassemble, the bikes and equipment. After a few final touch-ups and tuning, we should be ready to start pushing pedals at 7:30 on Saturday morning. Then, over 450,000 revolutions of our wheels later (yes, we actually figured that out), we should ride up to the Southernmost Point marker in Key West.

The final route for Curt’s Ride is locked in (i.e. we have looked at a map of Florida at least once), over-night locations are confirmed (or at least rumored), all the bike repair shops along the route have been identified (and in many cases, warned), the Pandora playlist has been loaded (did you know that the Black Eyed Peas did four different versions of “Pump It”? Well, you do now), the new bike jerseys are already in Florida waiting for us, and all the crocodile crossings along the way have been identified. We are as ready as we are going to be. And even if we aren’t, there really is not much we can do about it at this point!

As the ride progresses, we will be posting notes on the Curt’s Ride public page on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/curts.ride (you don’t have to join Facebook to see the page, but you will have to join if you want to comment or participate in the discussions). Please follow along with our progress there.


Please wish the Team well, pray for safe passage and cool assisting breezes and make a donation so that Curt’s Ride to Cure Cancer will help kick Cancer’s butt!

For more information on the ride and how to help, or join the team next year, please visit curtsride.com

Dave’s been doing this for several years now. I certainly know several people directly impacted by cancer, and am about to lose another :frowning:

For that reason, I do without a few luxuries or toys each year and send the money to the American Cancer Society. They do good work and use the money wisely. Making Dave ride 620 miles is just a bonus :stuck_out_tongue:

Mentors, surely you can shake loose a few dollars? Students, I know money is tight, but even a dollar is something. See what you can do. Especially if YOU know someone who has/had/lost to cancer.

Believe it or not, some cancers have been cured! Like the Gardasil vaccine, for example. Money donated by folks like us are to take credit for that. So maybe the money you give will be exactly the dollar used to cure the kind of cancer you will get. I hope to heaven you never have to hear those words, but here’s a way to hedge your bet…

Day one is in the books! 111+ miles. Yes, One hundred and eleven miles!

What did you do today?

Please take a minute to check out Curt’s Ride and donate if you can. That $5 you would spend on Starbucks or a fast food snack or a pack of Magic cards will make a difference in the fight against cancer.

Curt’s Ride to Cure Cancer is on day 6 of the ride, heading south from Pompano Beach, Florida! Today starts what is considered the second half of the ride, following a much needed rest day yesterday. The team will be joined by three additional riders for the rest of the ride, including first year team member, Amanda Morrison! Go Amanda!

The team has ridden approximately 370 miles in the first 4 riding days. This year, keeping with the ride theme of deTour dePie, they have been sampling Key Lime pies at each location! It’s not all about the riding, especially when there is PIE involved!

The fundraising thermometer shows that the team is a 83% of the $30,000 goal! Please consider making a donation! $5 makes a difference! Seriously! http://www.curtsride.info/

Saturday was the final day of the ride, so those of you waiting to see if the riders make it, they have. So now is the time to toss that loose change from you sofa and car cup holder into the team funding. Like lots of things, a few dollars from all of us can make a huge difference.

When my Aunt Gloria had cancer 30 years ago, it was a pretty grim time, with very low success rates. If you look at the current Curt’s Ride page, you’ll get a pretty long list of survivors. You may know a Cancer survivor yourself. Cancer isn’t getting cured on it’s own, your research dollars do make a difference.

Congrats to the Curt’s Ride team for once again for their efforts!!!

If you look at the current Curt’s Ride page, you’ll get a pretty long list of survivors.::rtm:: ::rtm::