Dave Lavery to lead 2016 Curt's Ride to Cure Cancer!

They are back. That crew of robot mentors and groupies led by the irrepressible Dave “Why yes this is a Hawaiian Bike Touring Shirt” Lavery is making final prep to once again bike 620 miles from the Florida / Georgia boarder to the Southern most place in the US, Key West Florida.

This has been a multiple year effort by a hard core group of bikers that are looking to crush cancer and double their body weight in the hunt of the perfect Key Lime Pie slice.

It’s special to me, since my Sister Cynette is coming off a bicycle accident and has as almost much titanium in her joints as all the Einstein winning robots. After rehab and riding all summer, she and Tom are set to tame Florida once again.

Please check out http://www.curtsride.info/ to see how you can donate to this great cause. Every bit helps, so shake out your sofa, sell off those Banebots you don’t need and contribute a few dollars.

For you in Florida, follow their progress and come out to cheer them on. 3 Oct in the north and 10 Oct in Key west. Yes, 100 miles a day is the goal so happy faces on the way make the miles go by quickly!

Thanks for all your support!!

I had no idea you and Cynette are siblings. She is one of my favorite humans.
(As are you)

Thanks! She is my favorite sister and is the reason that I’ve been into competition robotics for over a decade. She does cool things to help others like ride 620 miles down the middle of snake, alligator infested Florida dodging old people in cars (since the last part of the trip is down US 1.) to raise money for cancer research.

So supporting her and Curt’s Ride is an easy thing to do!

Thanks again.

Just a short post to pop this up to the top again.

Surely you know someone who had/s cancer. I hope they fought and won, but sadly I know far too many who lost. Makes me cry just to think about them.

The American Cancer Society has had a hand in virtually EVERY advance against cancer since, well, almost forever. Surely you can drop a few bucks into the Russ bucket.

See above ^^ for the link.