Dave on Nova (briefly)

Watching a program “Mars: Dead or Alive?” on Nova, which chronicles the design process of Spirit and Opportunity (in only an hour :frowning: ), during the last 10 minutes Dave Lavery’s smiling face appears on camera twice, while the team is watching Spirit land and come alive.

I didn’t record it, so I’m only 98.3% sure it was him. Kinda hard to miss.


Now he’s a movie star too? Aw man, he’s going to want to start autographing Krispy Kremes…


Here you can watch the Mars episode of Nova.
Dave is in the last clip, with about 1 or 2 minutes left.

Hey cool! Two of the engineers that help out 696 every year are in the “Chapter 6” video The first one is the guy in the greay sweater who is helping load the box on the truck at about 1:12 in the video and appears in an orange shirt at about 4:28 in the video. I am taking the times off the realplayer one. I’m not sure if the other formats are timed the same. And the second engineer that works with 696 is the guy on the right at about 3:45 in the video when they are looking at the old pyros. We are very thankful that they make time to help the team even in their busy schedules at working at JPL.

Excellent link, thanks!

There’s another shot of him, about a minute before this one, where he’s much further in the background.

Autographing Krispy Kremes? Now that’s something to try.


He has very similar appearances in the Roving Mars IMAX film. :stuck_out_tongue:

Actual video is from NASA. It was later distributed (couple of scenes from the control center Cal-tech) to the education programs. One of which landed in the hands of Frank Marshall, producer of IMAX movie. The full length movie still lies in the NASA/ASU Mars Research Facility or Data Center at Smithsonian. I hope they release all of it, because its quite interesting. And yeah…Dave appear more than twice.