Dave Verbrugge's 2007 Championship Event Top 10 List

Here’s Dave Verbrugge’s 2007 Championship Event “Top 10 List”](http://www2.huronvalley.k12.mi.us/schools/mhs/activity/hot_team/hot_chairmans_files/2007%20Championship%20Top%20Ten_files/frame.htm)


Hahaha, I like it!

It’s funny and extremely sad that half of those apply to my team.

goes off to laugh/cry like a crazy person

i would like to add one. number 11-- your team suffers withdrawal symptoms ,cause they can’t find a mountain dew.

The gift shop at the hilton sold them, holy smokes, how much business they must have gotten

Everyone does know my name at Home Depot

To point number six, I say ABSOLUTELY YES :slight_smile: . As for the “rackilicious” song, I remember that the judges at the New York Regional sang “I love rack n’ roll.” Did any other team/place come up with a song that’s a real “keeper?” Or did I just ruin the post with an awful pun?

I can’t decide if that’s because you’re a FIRSTer, or because your job is to be there…

I told Jon, our money man, that we need to start fundraising for Hawaii… I got no response.

Our robot didn’t gain weight between build site and MWR.

I’ve been watching The Blue Alliance instead of SOAP, only because I forgot about SOAP.

I received “Missing You” cards from my team… at work. :mad:

I own only blue denim pants, however, almost all of my shirts have something to do with robots. My current shirt has a robot and then it says “Love Machine” on it.

No one knows my name at Home Depot… I shop and work at K&K True Value Hardware. Go where EVERYONE knows what they’re talking about and your name comes second. :cool:

Our robot lost weight between each weigh in at each regional, even though we were adding parts…! Except for the one time that we were overweight in Vegas after installing a second arm.

Our song includes new and improved lyrics for the song “Apache”, better known as “jump on it.” Including a verse for each our pit crew chief (big justin), driver (Master D), and team president (Zach). It’s quite entertaining to watch them try to rap-ish…

We had a little too much time on our hands in-between regionals…