Daves Game Hint

OK, i didn’t want to hijack the thread where Dave posted this, but i think this is a real hint. I know that Dave is into Mind Mapping (where you related thoughts all over the place and come up with something brilliant - Al Gore does this stuff all the time).

So, take this hint above and lets turn it into the 2010 game idea.

“Game Hint, Game Hint, Did someone say Game Hint”. That sounds like a direct quote from one of those adult beverage commercials.

The commercial is for a product that features a silver train and snow.

This year, we had a playing field that was like ice (relates to the snow above). And what has even less traction than that? TRAIN TRACKS, a direct link to the commercial above that Dave is mimicking in his response.

I also know that AndyMark (who was part of the wheel supply last year), is located in an industrial park area that, to get to, you have to cross what - RAILROAD TRACKS. Yet another link to the train idea.

And the way trains work and transfer power to their wheels is an awesome yet simple engineering feat.

So what is the game - Robots have to drive around the field doing something (to be revealed at the next game hint) and then get themselves onto a set of railroad tracks that are hidden in a snow like material. The robot will have to be able to drive on the playing field AND the train tracks to be effective.

And you thought rigolith was tough.

PS - Happy Halloween :]

(back to work, lunch is over)

ow to

Daves hints are never so straight forward.

The real hint is in the 3 dots at the end, which is a morse code ‘s’.

We’ll get the rest of the hint over the next few weeks :wink:

Oh dear…Isn’t it a bit early to get our minds spinning with notions of game hints from Dave? :slight_smile:

Chris -

You are seriously out to screw up people’s Halloween weekend, aren’t you?

Fun, isn’t it? Welcome to the team! :smiley:



It’s just short of November so we’re right on time. I haven’t burst out laughing yet - so it’s not in full swing.

First, Chris I am now mad at you. VERY mad :mad: See how mad I am?

Second, Dave is a jerk. Nice, funny guy, but he is a total jerk. He knows full well that anything he does out of the norm (ie changing his customary dot to two dots or three dots or even a slash) Will spark a response. Don’t feed the troll people! If we ignore him maybe he will stop teasing us.

Third, I am going to fan the flames, not so much because I care but more because I am curious how long this thread will take to reach 100 posts. Look at Dave’s last couple posts, see if there is a pattern. The Morse code seems likeliest but if it doesn’t spell out anything don’t forget to check multiple encodings or anything else.

(I mean these comments in the nicest possible way. Just to clear up any potential confusion, I really do think Dave and Chris are wonderful people)


While that is true, I don’t want to use the processor space in my mind entertaining thoughts of the new game…yet, there are already too many applications running at once.:ahh: Brain initiating shut-down sequence.

In a few weeks you’ll discover that Dave’s secret message is none other than “Be sure to drink your Ovaltine.”

It’s amazing how the second I hit college I stopped caring about game hints. I think I’ve taken on the lazy attitude of “The new game will come eventually, just like every year.” Unless of course this year the Grinch steals the 2010 Game. :ahh:


Yes Chris, this is just what we need: a thread dedicated to speculating that a game hint is imbedded in dlavery’s post suggesting it’s time to create a game hint. :rolleyes:

Fortunately, the clocks turn back an hour this weekend so we have even more time to explore this topic.

I believe a different post Dave has made is a game hint. If I knew where it was I’d link to it. But I basically read it, thought “that really doesn’t make any sense”, then gasped and started wondering if it was a hint…

I bet you that Dave sits at his computer, calls his co-workers over and says this, “Hey guys! Watch this. Let me start adding dots and say odd phrases and see how many kids go crazy over it!”

Watch. There probably all sitting in his office laughing their heads off.:wink:

Dave, you have power over us, and some of us have school and work to focus on, DON’T GET US DISTRACTED!!!:yikes: please Geez I can’t wait until some real game hints come out.:smiley:

Dave, Dave who?

-… .- …- . / .-- … — …–…

Welcome to adulthood.
Remember, patience is your friend. Denial is your shield. Bitter disinterest your salve. Your endless hours of crushing workload will be your strength.
Good luck, soldier.

I am not sure if I should spotlight or run in fear.

Well, explain part of it first.

What does ‘bitter disinterest is your salve’ mean?

It’s means your immune to the effects of Red Herring because you don’t care about them.

I don’t really believe in hints anymore except for the ones that they make official. I’ve grown up and because of that I don’t really see any reason to keep “loading coal” into the fire and “chugging” along with off the wall ideas. I mean over the years I’ve litterly raged like a “smoke stack” trying to “engineer” some answers to Dave’s de-“rail”-ing. I’m serious, if I ever find him, I’m gonna kick his “caboose”, get the rumor mill back on “track” and just tell everyone not to go “all aboard”.


A game hint from Dave? Right before Halloween?

It can’t be a treat, so it must be a trick!

there are a lot of O’s there…