Dave's other car


Congratulations to Dave Lavery and the crew at NASA for reaching their 3650th+ day of the planned 90 day mission! You have been my inspiration since Mission Mars and I still geek out about you to this day.

For reference: http://www.nasa.gov/jpl/mer/mer-news-20140123/index.html

Thanks for the post, Eric. NASA has been inspiring us, geeky or not, for more than two generations now. Boldly going is their thing.

I noted an earlier anniversary of Dave’s Other Car’s Mission a few years ago, will look for the link.

edit: found it.

John Boucher started that thread in '06.

To put it in perspective, my daughter was on a Mission Mars FLL team that year.

This year she will get her MSME.

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looks like it could use a good dust storm…http://finance.yahoo.com/news/opportunity-rover-looks-nearly-unrecognizable-205445982.html

The Lego minifig to Mars was a great boost for lots of kids being interested in space. Ok, I’ll confess, my desktop background was the picture of the minifig.

Congrats to the Mars teams, lots of great science in the last decade.