Dave's Signatures

Ok, so, I started posting about Dave’s changing signatures in the Game Hint thread, but that’s become so massive I think that its time to give his signatures a thread of their own. So far we have:

  1. To the five, you keep me alive.
  2. To the six, you give me my fix.
  3. To the three, thank you, from me.
  4. To the four, give it some more. (Not quite sure about this one)
  5. For the five: with your decorum, we shall thrive.
  6. For the six: your integrity does transfix.

I haven’t been keeping track of the time interval between the changes, so I’m hoping that’s not important. Although knowing Dave it very well could be. :rolleyes:

Anyways, any thoughts on the significance of this seemingly random pattern?

Very interesting. They all rhyme (not sure if I can call it iambic pentameter…).

Just thinking out loud:

Notice that the first four start with ‘To’ while the last two start with ‘For’.
‘To’ when pronounced phonetically, can be the number 2.
‘For’ when pronounced phonetically, can be the number 4.

So that makes:
25, 26, 23, 24, 45, 46.

Anybody want to do anything with this idea?

Dave was doing this last year as well. I don’t think there’s anything game-related there, unless there’s a common element.

His trailing dot caused comment for a couple years, before he revealed that he liked white space between his post and his signature. But something removes excess whitespace at the end of posts, so he puts a period there to keep it.

I would go with them being crossword clues (the numbers referring to the number of letters). However, I’m horrible at crosswords. Can anyone help me out here?

I think I’d like to buy a lotto ticket.

Ding Ding Ding, you hit the jackpot. I think I will also, lets split this one. Did last years signature change mean anything, sorry for the stupid question. I have no clue?

I think Dave’s signatures mean that it’s going to be a water game.

Last year he did the same thing with the numbers it referred to the number of teams who received nasa grants and said “thank you.”

That being said it is a good reminder to make sure you thank your sponsors, NASA or otherwise. A letter on team stationary goes a long way but if you really want to impress, take a team photo and put it in a frame signed by all the members and send that along with a thank you letter and a few team shirts. It is small gestures from teams that will make your sponsors want to continue their support of your team and FIRST in general.

I am waiting to see what Dave posts in here.

You’re just gonna get a heaping healthy dose of coy with a side of snark. Would you like ketchup with that?

Snark rhymes with shark. :rolleyes:

My guess is that it is a game hint. I think it means that there are going to be teams switching alliances mid match, with it all ending in a 6 vs. 0 with everyone trying to score bonus points.

Just a thought.


25, 26, 23, 24
45, 46

any one wanna bet the next two will be 43 and 44

25, 26, 23, 24
45, 46, 43, 44

then the next series could be…

65, 66, 63, 64

maybe something with intervals of 20…
or something with 2 sets of 1 [since the first 2 and the last 2 the difference is 1] or even something with a pattern of 1, 3, 1 at intervals of 20.

I dunno, just kinda thinking out loud here…

in letters those numbers come out to


just a thought…

anybody try making words out of the letters u get when u dial the numbers into a cell phone?

You might be on to something… But you LOSE your bet. (If you want to make it, then it’s a dozen Krispy Kremes. I win.)

You probably won’t see any. Not everything is a game hint. Think about what Greg said for a moment. How many teams receive NASA grants each year? And we’re averaging six formal thank yous per year? Pitiful. Plain pitiful.

How is it that so many team representatives have the time to run up the post count to astronomical levels in a game hint thread, while so few seem to have the time to say thank you for a $6K gift that funds the ability to play the game? I know not everyone here is a NASA grant team, but c’mon - something’s out of balance. I’d be happier if I saw less game speculation and a three digit number in Dave’s signature.

By all means have fun with game hints, but let’s be a grateful community that knows how to spend valuable time.


well said sir!

(+ rep)

lol, well if he decides to come to San Diego this year i know where the only one is and its only about 10 min from the arena. I could easily stock the volunteers lounge. wink wink Dave lol

Afraid I won’t make SD this year–I’ve got an Aero Design competition in Encino that Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. (Hey, if you want to come on up and watch that on Sunday…) Try L.A. instead.

You do know why you’d lose–He’s got to start with the word “Six”, instead of “To” of “For”. I don’t see Dave doing that.