DaVinci's Notebook

Okay, I was talking to some fans of them, and I just had to know, how many people have actually heard of them? DaVinci’s Notebook is an accapella (sp?) group which has appeared many times on the Bob and Tom morning show. Who’s heard of them?

Not I.

eek… ME!!!

I’m a huge fan of them, i love them so much

/me bows down to DaVinci’s Notebook and all their awesome songs

they’re so hilarious… actually, i’m listening to them right now

if you guys haven’t heard of them, then you need to go download some of their songs, i promise, you won’t regret it

oh, go Bob and Tom!!!

My friend’s in one of UCLA’s a capella groups so they sang one of their songs at the Spring Concert. I think all of our jaws dropped when we heard them sing the song about the internet and “stuff.” Funny stuff.

They play every year at the community center where I live. I’ve never gone to see them, though I’ve considered it (usually I’m too busy trying to get tickets for the Reduced Shakespeare Company to worry about tickets for them).


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Well, ive heard them in Bob and Tom. Bob and Tom is based here in Indy. I dont listen to them much anymore cause they turned into trash.

I’ve loved their song “Enormous Penis” for a few years now. They are hilarious, but also very good singers.

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