Davit Fingers detail?

Would someone kindly steer me toward details on the davit fingers? The only definitive information I can find indicates that they are 1-1/4" apart, but I would like to know more of the dimensions and characteristics of each finger, especially:

-wall thickness
-length (parallel to rope)



You should be able to find more information regarding the Davit beginning on page 68 of the 2017 Field Components document.

I’m grateful!

Here is a photo of some fingers.

The pipe the fingers are attached to is 1" wide, correct? If so, shouldn’t the fingers be only 1" apart? Did I miss a spacer or maybe the fingers slant out slightly and are wider at the top?

Yes, sir; I believe you are correct. The link to the plans surely did help!

Resurrecting this thread in hopes that someone can measure. I see the 1" in the latest field drawings, but also in section 3.7 in the game manual it specifically says the fingers are 1 1/4" apart.

Can anyone confirm on an actual field? Thanks.

I haven’t seen the actual field, but Team Update 08 corrected the drawing. The tubing is now supposed to be 1" tubing, not 1-1/4" tubing. Doing the math puts the outside edges of the fingers at 1-1/4" apart.