Dawgma 1712 Scouting System: WatchDawg 2023

Dawgma is excited to release our 2023 scouting system: WatchDawg!

Our goal with WatchDawg was to develop a simple form application that could run without cell/data service and would replace our traditional paper scouting slips. We figured that there are plenty of other teams who would benefit from this approach.

Our system involves scouters collecting match data on Amazon Fire 7 tablets through our custom Android Studio App, saving the match data via QR codes, and scanning those QR codes into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that analyzes the data.

All the resources for WatchDawg can be found on our Github


This sound great… We will check it out…

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just don’t look at the network graph under insight

I’ve been looking forward to the WatchDAWG release for a while now. This looks like good stuff, congratulations on your hard work! Very exciting to have a frontend tablet app released with a flexible data compilation solution. When can I expect a Dawgma-branded ggplot visualization solution?

p.s. I just want to defend myself on the “given how many times he put his name in the macro code” front - Mr. Swope’s style guide required you to tag each function with the author’s name, and that was the only style guide I knew at the time!

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