Day 1

Posted by Bethany Dunning, Coach on team #163, Quantum Mechanics, from International Academy and Quantum Consultants/EATON/ITT Industries.

Posted on 4/27/99 7:00 AM MST

Well, how many days until kick-off?

Posted by Kate Leach, Student on team #166, Team Merrimack, from Merrimack High School and Unitrode / RS Machines.

Posted on 4/27/99 7:35 AM MST

In Reply to: Day 1 posted by Bethany Dunning on 4/27/99 7:00 AM MST:

Alright, don’t know the number yet, but I’m gonna guess that January 8th is going to be the date of kickoff… Well, I need to go pack again… Going to Jersey this week to visit relatives… I pity those of you that need to be functional for school… Well, I hope that everyone had fun!! Bye!!