Days in Duluth (a feature-length FIRST documentary film)

I made this 40-minute documentaryand would appreciate any feedback or thoughts you might have. It took a while to actualize, but afterward, I’m proud of the final product.

Team 2052 presents a feature-length documentary film entitled “Days in Duluth,” in which we showcase our journey at the Lake Superior Regional that was held March 2-4, 2017. The nearly 45-minute movie is meant to give and accurate depiction of competitions, capturing the casual, conventional, and ecstatic moments.

**Methodology **
The idea for this project only came after the event, upon my realization that we had an ample amount of footage and a potentially great storyline was present. While it seemed impractical and the initial idea received mixed responses, I set out to actualize it because, well, I was mostly just excited by the idea that I could make a coherent feature-length film. I invested most my time after the competition to compiling and editing all the footage. Alas, when it was near completion, I lost the entire project due to a hardware malfunction in the external hard drive I was using. Luckily, all the original footage remained intact and I began editing again from scratch. I was fortunate enough to have exported a preliminary version of the documentary before the failure occurred, so I was able to base some of my edits off that that for the new project’s continuity with the old.

I really enjoyed it. This Lake Superior Regional was my favorite one I have ever been to and this film helped me relive some memories we made. Awesome job!

I spend so much time trying to find documentaries like this about the STEM stuff that I do to hype me up for competition. Can’t wait to watch this tonight (or tomorrow night depending on how long I’m able to stay up post comp day 2).

I’d love to give feedback after I watch it, but skimming it, it looks fantastic.

Thank you! I’m glad that my work could bring back some nostalgia for you. I know I’ll look back on this project many years down the road with a sentimental fondness.

Thanks for the kind words and for committing your time to watching it! I knew full well when making it that the longer run time wouldn’t exactly be an incentive to watch, but I hoped that the people that do choose to view it would enjoy it. Can’t wait to hear back from you.

I just finished watching the video. If you are going to college for something in media, production, etc, this video should be included as part of your admission request. very well done.

Thanks for the ending plug for Denfeld Robotics.

As a robot inspector, and knowing how your team improved last year match by match, I tried following your team closely this year. Just like last year, your team never feels your robot is done and continue with improvements throughout the regional. I also was told of your plans to improve for your next regional. Can’t wait to see what your robot will be capable in your regional in the Twin Cities and at Worlds. Good Luck.