Days Inn

Is anyone else staying at the Day’s Inn? Its 1:31am (ironic?) and for the 4th day in a row there is human fecal matter on our bathroom floor. The toilet keeps backing up and its NOT our fault. The toilet works fine than BAM the toilet starts over flowing on to the floor. :mad::mad::mad::mad:

Not to mention that we have called the front desk twice and have not heard back from them yet.

Anyone else have similar experiences?

mmm…thx for posting this, this brought my appetite right back

I will say though that the quality inn sure smelled of quality…unfortunately the stench of quality out in the hallway was so unbearable we couldn’t go near the door without fear of gagging…oh and the view from our window of the cement wall was gorgeous too

That is completelty unacceptable. I would hope that whatever room(s) that happened in were not charged at all and those individuals that had to deal with that and possibly the whole team should be compensated beyond a simple “no charge.” Addititionally, whoever had a bad experience with malodorous rooms or hallways should be compensated to some extent as well. Finally, with no response from the staff there is some serious explanation and appologizing to be done on the part of the hotel managment.

As a paying customer, you should not have to put up with that crap, (literally :smiley: ). (sorry, couldn’t resist the pun.) Actually, the team should make either an itemized list of the problems/bad experiences or a very detailed written monologue and present it to the general manager of the facility and first ask what he/she is willing to do about this. If the offer is not good enough, act disgusted and insulted and present your own. Nobody should have to deal with that, nobody.

EDIT: Additionally a report should be made to the Better Business Bureau. If they are a “recommended hotel” by a local insurance agency or travel group, a report should be made to them as well.

a “security guard” not any kind of maintnance person just showed up and has given us a card to another room about 8 rooms down… so we can use the shower and toilet. that does not fix the fact that its 2:20am and there is no possible way to move all our stuff into the new room (plus the new room has only 1 bed, we have 4 people in our room currently). WE LITTERALY HAVE CRAP ON OUR CARPET! You have to put on shoes to walk out of the room!

Although this part might be amusing yet kinda scary- as my teammate steve and I went to inspect the new room, we found one of our team members in the hall SLEEP WALKING. We woke him up and he had no idea what he was doing there. We had to bang on the door to his room for 5min to get the people inside to wake up and let him back in.

Wow what a night!

We also stayed at the Days Inn and our room was not cleaned at all. We came back and nothing was cleaned for two strait days. The service there sucked not to mention he elevator problems we had. Such a DUMP

121 stayed at the Days Inn (4th floor), and AFAIK, we didn’t have any sort of service issues… No crap on the carpets or poop outside the potty… No sleepwalking students… No awful smells… And as for roomservice, everything was done as expected from a hotel… I don’t know what y’all are talking about… :stuck_out_tongue: :confused:

And by elevator problems, do you mean the fact that everyone wanted to use it at the same time? If so, what did you expect? :confused:


If you had problems, you need to have your mentor write a letter to THS outlining the problems and cc to FIRST.

It seemed to me that they did not have the ability to operate at full capacity (which they were near) The did not have a substantial number of towels and their staff was seldom available when needed.

I think that is a pretty accurate depiction of what the situation was.

Hmm, yes, the Days Inn was not the greatest of hotels. Our room on the 10th floor consistently smelled of smoke, especially after it was “cleaned”. Our balcony door was always open, even the first night that we came into the room (yes, we were 10 stories up, but it is still a bit disconcerting…). We never really got stuck in the elevator, persay, we just started going up to the 10th floor, started going down at floor 9, and then resumed going up at floor 6…:confused:

The only difference I saw when I would get back to our room at night was that our towels had been re-stocked.

Is The Days Inn THAT BAD, was last year their first year on “the list” and if so, i expect better this year.

Last year, my mom and I stayed at the Days Inn for the Championship. (We were proudly representing Team 0000 at the time–yay for volunteers.) Check-in was painfully slow, and the restaurant down there wasn’t particularly great, but for what we used it for (a place to sleep and shower) it was alright.

I almost forgot- last year some pimp was chatting me up, and saying that I owed him money when I became a Dr. or Astronaut

Days Inn wasn’t all that great for us [1219] either. A friend of mine, he’s organized and tends to memorize how his things are ordered [as in, what order he puts his CD’s in and such] and where everything is, mentioned that after we returned from the Georgia Dome after the first day of competition – his CDs were unordered and things were placed in different places than he’d previously had them. This made us come to the conclusion that they’d been going through our things [because his CD case was in his bag, which he left open…assuming we wouldn’t have an issue with people going through our things]. They hadn’t taken anything, but we didn’t appreciate the fact that they’d been through our things. After that we locked our bags before we left he motel…

Other than that – we didn’t really have any other problems there…wasn’t the best place to stay but it got us by for our stay there [we couldn’t afford anything better, we had to settle for what we got].