Dayton (OH) HamVention 5/18-5/20

If you live within traveling distance of Dayton Ohio, this weekend is the world’s largest **Amateur Radio **convention, usually over 30,000 people attend. It is a huge showcase of the latest in radio technology, with a flea market to rival any you have ever seen - around 1000 vendors. It is held at the Hara Arena in Northwest Dayton, if you google “Hamvention” you’ll find all the info you need.

Even if you are not into amateur radio - especially if you’re not - this is still a very cool place to be. If you like to build robots, here you will find all the materials you could ever dream of, and many you can’t, at flea market prices. For example, 5 years ago (!) I bought 10 laser pointers for $5. No matter what it is, if it’s technology, it’ll be at HamVention, and cheap.

If you are there, look me up at the CQ Amateur Radio Magazine booth.



Oh well, where is this located? The Nutter Center?

Too bad I’m not closer to Dayton. I always like going to hamfests.


mmmmmmmmmh ham…uhgssggggg :slight_smile:

And if you missed the great Hamvention in Dayton, come up to Rochester NY for the not-nearly-as-big-and-great-but-still-a-good-time HamFest June 1st-3rd!