Daytona Beach FRC Team

Recently I committed to Embry Riddle Daytona Beach and sadly there are no local FRC teams that I know of. I started team 5107 last year which hooked me on FRC and I am not ready to give it up. I have stirred up some interest of starting an FRC team at the local high school, Mainland High school, in three or four other FIRST alumni that will be attending next year. I would love to mentor and continue to be involved in FIRST and maybe get that trip to the arch that I have been working for. What I need help doing and why I am here is trying to get a feel for the area by someone who knows it better then I (California Kid). Is there a desire for a team? Has someone tried this before and failed? Do you think the university would be willing to sponsor the team? I know this is kind of a long shot but starting a team with zero knowledge of the area in August will be tough so I am trying to get a head start.

Team 2152 is located in Volusia county, where Daytona Beach is, and is sponsored by Embry-Riddle. Maybe you could try contacting them.

You may want to reach out to FRC Team 2152 out of Volusia County.

Also contact the FIRST VISTAs in the area: Jessie Poen and Joel Croteau.

They should be able to help you out.

Being apart of 2152 could be really cool and frankly easier but I will not have a car on campus so I would have to figure that out.

Team 2152 SMASH is the only FRC team in Volusia County and is sponsored in part by Embry Riddle. It isn’t a great distance from Riddle and there are other alumni at the school who mentor the team…perhaps you could ride with them. SMASH has managed to integrate Robotics into their curriculum so their build day begins at noon and goes to 6ish. Let me know when you get into town and I can help set up a meeting for you

I recently committed to ERAU as well(Aero and CS), would love to continue FIRST as well! If you wanna PM me that would be awesome!