DB Design

Hey all…

I’d thought i’d make this a new thread to point out its importance.

As many of you may allready have seen, you can view the current work in progress on the FSN MySQL DB.

However, I now really want something there… All we need to get going is for one person to throw something up. :slight_smile:

here’s the link: http://dev.firstscouting.org/phpmyadmin/index.php

login is: guest
pw: guest

There, you can view (run select queries) on the master table and the beta tables.

However, on the fsnpublic table, in order to get people to make things, you may run Select | Insert | Update | Delete | Create | Index | Alter.

Please, use commen sence - Use it only for FSN. I know you won’t be able to link anything else to it because it only allows logins from localhost, but still… Only touch what you make, please. If you want to change something that’s allready there, copy it, then change it.

In nameing tables, if you could include your name somewhere, that would be great.

Lastly, to those who really would like to create something, please pm/aim/email me so that i can give you full exclusive access to a beta table.

And finally, I need about 1-2 people to handle the master table. They would be responsible for copying good things from the beta/public table to the master table. If intrested, contact me also.

Thanks a ton, and please, please, please… play around and throw something up!