DB Widgets in SmartDashboard

For some reason, my team’s SmartDashboard contains old variables and widgets that it shouldn’t have.

The only widget that should be appearing is GyroVals. No where in my code do the other widgets appear. Does anyone know how to get rid of them?

Try CTRL-N for a new layout. Or right click each one and hit remove.

Neither worked. As soon as I hit enable in driver station, all those widgets appear in the shuffleboard / smartdashboard.

Are they in your code? Also you might try ftp to the rio and deleting any networktables.ini files you find.

Those are values from the LabVIEW dashboard. Since network tables clients propogate data to each attached client, you need to close all clients (shuffleboard, LabVIEW dashboard) as well as the server (robot) to clear old values.


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Turning off the Rio and closing Shuffleboard doesn’t work

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