DC-area Teams?

Hello all…

I’m a senior and team captain on 166 from Merrimack, NH. My plans at this point have me heading to Washington, DC for school in the fall and while I know it’s a political town, I was hoping I could still put my FIRST skills to use with a team there.

From what I can tell, there are no teams within the District, but are any of the Maryland or Virginia teams very close to the city? Does anyone know of an interest to start at team at a DC high school, possibly with a college sponsor?

I would appreciate any knowledge you have of the situation. Thanks!


I am an engineer for Team 53 in Greenbelt MD, just outside the DC beltway. We are close to NASA Goddard and University of MD College Park. Let me know if you are interested in putting your FIRST skills to work for us.


I know there was a DC team two years ago, we made some parts for them.

Where are you going to school? Also, will you have car or be Metro bound?


People here do not understand the concept of low traction on snow.

I am applying to George Washington and American University with a major in communcations or political science.

And, unfortunately, as a freshman in city schools, I will most likely be metro-bound.


If any teams from the area are attending the Championship, please let me know. I will attempt to speak to you some time during competition. Thanks!


There are teams in Washington DC. From a quick overview of teams that went to the Chesapeake Regional:
615- Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Washington DC/NSBE/Howard University & Ballou High School

928 - NASA/Howard University/National Academy of Sciences & Banneker High School

I also know of at least one person who’s done FIRST in the past who attents American University. She was one of the ref’s at the Chesapeake Regional.


We are team 1446 and would love to have you work with our team. We have six members graduating this year and most will be leaving the area. They will all enter into Engineering programs in the fall with scholarships.

Stay in touch.

We are inside the beltway, and would love to have visitors. We’re Team 1418, Vae Victus. PM Me. Oh, we’re literally a stones throw away from the Falls Church East metro station. Seriously, I throw like a girl, and I could peg metro cars. :wink:

So that explains all the little rocks hitting my car as I drive by…


Hi Jordan. I am the Senior Mentor for Maryland and Washington DC. I would be delighted to help you find a team.
There are 3 teams right now in DC, as well as the Beltway teams and I expect more next year. I will be at the Championship.
Let’s talk.