DC-DC Stepdown 12v to 5v converter


Looking to run a Raspberry Pi this year. The voltage regulator only puts out 2A at 5V. The Pi needs 2.5 so would this converter be legal to use running right off the PDB?

External Raspberry Pi Power Supply


We use a similar one to run our LED systems.
Just has to use a PDP port with 20 a fuse…

Depending on the input wires you might have to solder on some larger gauge wires for better interface to the PDP.


Yes, this is legal.

Before the VRM was introduced, every robot had a 12v to 5v converter similar to this to power the radio.


I’ve never actually seen a rPi take 2.5A, and many teams have been successful powering it from the VRM 2A outputs. I think the rPi spec is largely so it can be spec’ed to supply higher power USB devices.


I talked with my programming team.
When we did vision on our turret for 2017 we used the pi…
They did try a converter like the one I previously mentioned.
After testing they found that adding a VRM to run just the pi was more stable and expandable in a pinch.

You need to determine what the pi will be additionally powering as well…
We ran a usb camera (botball gooseneck) on the pi and had no power issues.

Here is a bit on some of the power observations from a light web search.
Some good links to follow in there as well…

We have our 2017 vision code up on our github site.

If you have question let me know,

I did wonder though, what model of raspberry pi are you planning on using?


We are using the B+


Try that!

make sure you disable the wifi



We’ve had good results with this one powering four RPi3s:

The output voltage display is nice. Whatever you use make sure the output voltage doesn’t drop when the input voltage goes to, say, 8 or 9v when crazy-driving at the end of a match on last year’s battery.