When ever the driver for our robot puts the joystick in neutral

That is happening? or you want that to happen?

Can you be more specific?

what is it that you want the robot to do while the joystick is in nuetral


The joystick in neutral means no power to the motors unless you have your programming really weird. The friction in the system when moving will usually stop you when you release the joysticks within about 15 feet or so depending on your speed and drive setup. To brake faster, give the joystick a quick tap backwards.

did you check your trim? im not really sure what you are asking.

There’s also the coast and break headers on the victors. The above is true with coast, but if you have the break headers on the robot will stop almost imediately

if you have a feedback system, you can map the speed of the motors to absolutely follow the speed vector that the joystick will provide. If implemented correctly, you should see a quick deceleration that will stop your robot.

another thing you could try is speed ramping

Sorry about that, I did not finish typing my question because I didnt think we needed to.

The thing is that when the joystick goes to neutral, the bot suddenly stops and it kind of jerks. We’re trying to get it come to a slow stop instead of jerking.

I’m currently using WPILib and using the Tank2 Drive function.

My idea was to create my own drive function and put in a deadzone of maybe 10%.