De Anza Rejected

As the title states, De Anza Robotics team wasnt accepted. We had been conditionally accepted…but got turned down today. They wont explain their decision, just said no.
On the good side, they would like us to attend the QID event because we had a strong strategy and a good team.

Remember that were were a group of 4 HS kids and 1 mentor doing all this work. We worked our butts off, spending our summer break doing hardware and all school year working on auto. We had succesfully made our 1990 Geo Tracker into a remote control car. We could start, run, shift, break, throttle and steer all from remote control. We had just gotten the GPS to control the car, with a few bugs. i feel that we were a team with very strong potential, but we didnt want to bust our budget until we had been accepted.

We took the car to the local racetrack to do some autonomous testing, and on the first day, some idiot drove the car of the trailer and steered it, but the steering column lock was on, so we broke it steering motor. That idiot was me…ohh well. Fixed the car that day, but had to go home. Came back up 2 days later on thursday, to try and get the auto to work…no luck, turns out that rain and a javalin stamp dont mix. Here is the article -

We also had an article in the paper -

So the good news - i have a christmas break.

Sorry to hear you were not accepted,
Good luck next year?

if you were trying to enter the auton offroad contest to las vegas, I understood your vehicle was required to have some sort of collision/obstical avoidance system

so if it only ran by GPS - that is probabally why your entry was rejected.

or maybe they evaluated your avoidance system approach, and did not believe it would perform as needed?

I would expect they would give you some report or indication of why you were rejected.