De-scoring question

Since for some interesting reason our team can not post on the official FIRST Q&A :yikes: so I figured I would post our question to the CD population to see if anyone knows the question or can post this question for us…

If you are trying to de-score a spoiler, you have the tube lifted above the spider leg but did not get it past the “foot” and the match ends, does it count as de-scored since it is no longer supported by the spider leg?

Can anyone help? Thanks :smiley:

according to the rules, a ringer, spoiler or keeper, in order to be scored must be hanging, meaning that if the robot has no contact with the tube, and the intertube is hanging freely on the pvc structure, then it counts. However if a robot is still holding said spoiler, the point would not count because it is now being supported by a robot, meaning it is NOT hanging making the tube not count.

SO if the tube is not supported FULLY by the leg, but also by either a stinger/robot/foot, then it does not count.

(this should only apply to spoilers and own team game pieces, because you cannot descore opponent pieces.)

hope that helps.

And since for the tube to be scored, it has to be hanging. i would say that the spoiler has been removed since it is no longer being supported by the spider leg.

hope that helped :slight_smile: