Dead DS

today I came in and the driver station was frozen (or at least appeared that way). The robot would not be controled and the enable/disable switch did not work.

I unplugged and plugged in the DS and now the screen is blank (backlit but blank). I have given it time and it still does not boot up. I have tried rebooting with various configurations of plugged in/unplugged devices and nothing works. I’m really stuck on this one.

I’ve seen one like that too.
The only recourse is to contact FIRST and KwikByte to send it back for repair.

It may be due to static discharge if your work area is too dry and has carpet.


Today when our team was playing with it, we somehow managed to make it work again. We tried holding down the Select button while powering on the DS, and it magically reset it and started working. After doing this the DS works normally. We are not sure why its working now, but it is.