Dead Reckoning

Is there a way to speed up the compile, linker cycle for testing out dead reckoning values? At this current moment it takes about 4 minutes on the teams workstation (we just got a usb -> serial so it may work faster on a laptop) to compile and link from scratch and then about 2 minutes to update and recompile the autonomous code. To make the code compile faster I completely put the autonomous routines in a seperate file so only those would be recompiled… Yeah, so any ideas?

Use F10 instead of the make button. It won’t delete the o files and will only compile what you changed.

when there is no changes to the code, the compiler runs right though them no matter whether you use the make button or the make access key.

yeah… the “make” function in MPLAB acts the the “Rebuild All” function in MSVC - it deletes all of the .o (object) files and recompiles. If you compiled things by hand (or using a makefile), you could have it only recompile the necessary objects, and then just link again…