Deadlines/Timelines INFOOOOO!!!!!

Hey guys,

It’s been a while since I’ve checked out CD. I’m an alum from Team 1403 in NJ, and I’m currently at school in University of Illinois. So after an unsuccessful year of trying to push to get a team started, I had some help from Team 1739, who got me in touch with others interested in starting a team. So we’re finally getting pieces together and are registered, however, we are still looking for funding and other things.

Which leads me to my question, anyone know where all the deadlines and timelines are for FIRST 2010-11 season??? It would help a lot to know when we can sign up and get our team number (cuz that’s going to be an awesome day). Also is there any information available on the new NASA Grant (if there is or isn’t one?).

Any information on becoming an official rookie team with links to grants and such would be very very helpful.

Thank you,

Here is the info on deadlines for payments/registration:

Here’s old NASA Grant info(shouldn’t be much different):

The latest NASA Grant info should be up soon here:

The Season Calendar page should be updated soon with this year’s dates, but you can use last year’s dates as a reasonable timeline: Regional dates and locations cannot be announced until FIRST has signed all the contracts with all of the venues, but it should be announced by the end of September I expect.

You should contact your Regional Director if you haven’t already done so. She may be of some help to you as a rookie team.