Deal on motor controllers

So i was just looking though Andy mark (as you do before the start of the school year). I found the Simple Arduino Mecanum Control (, which is Two Victor SP speed controller with two 30 Amp breakers, for only a $100. normally all this would cost $132, so your saving $32.

Im just bringing this to everyone attention so everyone can know how to save a couple of bucks

The correct link.

Edit: Sniped by GeeTwo

I dont think that link is what you meant.

this is for batteries

Oops my bad, thank you for the corrections , i have fixed the link. Thank you again

I’m seeing the price as $125.

I believe that someone from AndyMark realized their mistake after seeing this thread and fixed the price.

That’s why you keep your trap shut about these things… :rolleyes:

Except i don’t believe in not sharing information that might be helpful to other people

This is one case where I really wish Andymark didn’t listen to their customers so well.

(For the record, no I wasn’t the one that saw this thread. First time on Chief since Sunday with family in town!)