dealing with one or more empty cells?

so i know the fact that we cannot have more than one empty cell at a time including herding an empty cell.

My question is whether if persay if our enemy robot currently has one empty cell in like a ball container, and we launch an empty cell into their ball container so now that they already have one empty cell but now they have 2 because of the one we gave them. So does that count as a penalty against their team or does nothing happen to them cause they didn’t intentionally put another empty cell in their container?

could it be a penalty to the allaince who launch the empty cell into the ball container ?

I just went to talk to my mentor about this and this question was asked on the FIRST forums. As sated in the post, Neither alliance will receive a penilty, but if the PS gives an Empty cell to the opposing alliance, they may use it to their advantage.

I will search for the link.

No penalties, see <G18>. Also see this Q&A: