Deam kamen

I have a shirt with the original Deam kamen’s signature

Hey, if I had the original Deam kamen’s signature, I’d be excited too.

All I’ve got so far is a clone of Woody Flours. :cool:


:fishes around in his pocket: I’ll give you 3 buttons, a jelly bean, 42 cents and some pocket lint for it.

my jumpsuit from last year has both a original Dean and Original Woody autograph :cool:

Ah man… I only have two buttons, a stick of gum, and a couple of used zip ties…
I guess I can’t beat your offer.

It is so odd, yes Dean Kamen is an amazing guy and an inspiration to all of us, but is seems his fame wasn’t present this year. One thing several of our team members noticed was that when he walked in the pits on Saturday at GSR he wasn’t treated like a superstar like he usually is. 4-6 people will usually be crowded around him trying to get his signature, shake his hand, or get a picture but no one was this year. I guess we up north take for granted having Dean, Woodie, and other FIRST names so close by.

Congrats on getting it!:slight_smile:

Thank u
I think that Deam Kamen Is a heroe becouse he is a inspiration for for us. He is a simple guy even if got money he don’t act like ge does and he is so friendly and those who know him u know what I’m talking about

I have a shirt signed by both Dean Kamen and Woody Flowers. Oh, and a button.

Maybe they were too busy working on robots for the competition that he’s so famous for. :wink: